qPCR products from Primerdesign®

q16 on white 1Novacyt recently announced the acquisition of Primerdesign Ltd which enhances our product offering and adds a highly competitive molecular platform technology for all of our customers.

Primerdesign® is focused on the design, manufacture, validation and supply of real-time PCR kits and reagents. The product portfolio offers over 450 kits which include pathogens, genotyping kits, veterinary, food & water testing, and biohazard kits. Primerdesign offers readily available kits along with a very rapid service that designs kits for any target gene sequence on demand.

The on demand expert service has enabled Primerdesign to meet the needs of a number of global challenges such as Swine Flu in 2009, Meat speciation challenge in 2013, Ebola crisis in 2015 and today the Company is working actively in Brazil on the Zika virus detection kits. www.primerdesign.co.uk

The launch of the genesig® q16 instrument and genesig® easy range of reagent products has made DNA testing affordable and easy for customers, whether a laboratory setting or indeed any industrial location. The genesig® q16 platform is the world’s most affordable qPCR machine which is easy to use and conducts data analysis providing simple detection outputs. www.genesig.com