Pulsifier II® – The revolution continues

We are proud to announce the launch of the new Pulsifier® II

Pulsifier II® employs a revolutionary technology for the processing of food samples for microbiological examination. Unlike paddle-type instruments the Pulsifier II® beats the outside of the plastic bag containing the food sample at high frequency producing a combination of shock waves and intense stirring which drives the microbes into suspension. Pulsification has been shown in most food types to be less destructive to the sample producing lower concentrations of debris.

  • Gentle action reduces bag burst
  • Less suspended food debris therefore easier pipetting
  • Cleaner sample makes plate reading easier and more accurate
  • Efficient process – microbe recovery is equivalent to or better than alternative methods
  • Faster sample preparation time of 15 seconds for most foods
  • Faster filtration as a result of cleaner sample
  • Increases laboratory efficiency
  • Reduced disruption of food matrix minimises inhibition / interference with PCR, flow cytometry techniques

Pulsifier® is included in ISO:7218:2007(E); Microbiology of food and animal feeding stuffs.